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Tree & Bush Removal

Tree and brush removal

Knepp Excavating will provide the best Tree removal for Commercial site clearing.  Whether you are only taking down 4 trees or you are taking down 50 trees.  We will not remove any trees that the client has not marked for us.

Our standard is high, and we hold our employees to the same standards as our company when it comes to providing you a service.  Our goal is to bring ultimate customer satisfaction with each and every project.

We will keep mulches, brush and trees flush to the ground.  No burning necessary.  We leave mulch on-site to return nutrients into the soil and minimize erosion.

We here at Knepp Excavating will make sure that we leave your site clean, and ready to go with whatever you are building.



Before we can begin, you will need to have the drainage issue addressed so we know how to fix the problem.  Could it be that it is just a plugged drain tile?  Or is there something else going on?  We need to figure out the problem; to fix the problem.  And to avoid it from happening again.

Once we have the design done, we will start at the beginning of the structure of your drainage system, as well as the layout and checking for proper routing as the layout is completed.

We will install your drainage system in partial sections so that we can do testing on each section to make sure that everything is working properly.  Then once we are finished we will do one final test to make sure that everything is working properly.

Site Prep

Site Prep

Now is the time your builder will stake out your home.  That is where Knepp Excavating will come in and do the work.  Before we can start digging; we need to remove trees and other debris that are in the way.

Now we can start digging your basement.  There will be extra dirt that will need to be saved on-site to do the backfilling along the foundation of the home.  What isn’t needed for that may be used elsewhere on the property, or hauled away.

Dirt & Rock Hauling

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So you have mounds of dirt and gravel that need to be hauled away or just moved to a different spot on your property.  Well, Knepp Excavating is here to help you out.  Our team will provide professional service for you.  

Our tandem dump trucks can negotiate off-road locations and our trailer dumps can bring larger loads.  

To begin we will decide what materials can or need to be used on the job and what excess materials will not be needed during the process.  We will relocate your dirt and rock materials to the areas of your site that require them to properly level and or grade the worksite.  After we have used all the viable materials necessary for your workspace we will take the unwanted rock and dirt and haul them away for you.  After removal of excess material from the location, we will do a final once over Inspection to ensure you have a clean and debris free area in which to utilize.

Contact Us

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Give us a call at (812) 295-6364, or you can shoot us an email at  We would love to hear from you and help you with all of your Excavating needs.



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